The Mission of the Genesis Counseling Center is to facilitate healing and growth in times of challenge and change by providing compassionate, competent, and experienced pastoral care

The issue at the core of authentic spirituality is transformation. Transformation is about my life being changed now, not pushed off into the future. Transformation comes as a result of holding the tension between our two natures, both human and divine. Whether you need assistance with your marriage, depression, anxiety, loss, childhood trauma, relating to others, the stress of everyday life or direction in life, Genesis Counseling Center provide you with care that is sensitive and responsive to your needs

Genesis Counseling Center was founded to provide quality pastoral care and counseling as an extension of the work of churches, centers of faith, as well as the community at large. With this clear basis of focus and support in partnership with the work of local faith communities, the Genesis Counseling Center is also committed to meet the needs and demands of the secular community which may seek the support, outreach, and insight of a faith-based counseling center. The Genesis Counseling Center strives to honor the values and the richness of the Judeo-Christian traditions without compromise by affirming the worth of persons created in the image of God, binding the wounds of human brokenness, and creating an environment for spiritual and emotional healing to occur.

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Genesis Counseling Center

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